The Best Spots to Watch the Asheville Parade

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The Best Spots to Watch the Downtown Asheville Holiday Parade: The Observatory and More

Asheville, North Carolina – a city that exudes charm and vibrancy, especially during the festive season. The Downtown Asheville Holiday Parade, set for November 18th, is a much-anticipated event, bringing together the community and visitors to celebrate in a colorful, joyful way. For those seeking the best vantage points to view the parade, there are several prime locations. Topping the list is The Observatory, offering an unparalleled experience. Let’s explore the top spots to enjoy this festive extravaganza.

1. The Observatory: A Panoramic Parade Experience

The Observatory, known for its stunning views of the Asheville skyline, is the premier spot to watch the holiday parade. Located at a vantage point above the city streets, it offers a unique, bird’s-eye view of the parade, allowing you to take in the full scope of the event. With comfortable seating and a warm, inviting atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to enjoy the parade away from the crowds while still feeling very much a part of the festive spirit.

2. Pack Square Park: Heart of the Action

Pack Square Park, located in the heart of downtown Asheville, is a classic choice for parade viewing. Here, you’ll be up close and personal with the floats, bands, and performers. The park’s spacious area provides ample room, and its central location means you’ll be at the epicenter of the parade route. It’s a fantastic spot for families, with easy access to nearby cafes and restaurants for a warm drink or a bite to eat.

3. Biltmore Avenue: A Street-Side View

For those who prefer a traditional street-side parade experience, Biltmore Avenue offers a great perspective. Lining this historic street, viewers can enjoy the parade as it makes its way through downtown. The festive decorations of the surrounding buildings add to the holiday atmosphere, making it a delightful spot to take in the sights and sounds.

4. Wall Street: A Quaint and Cozy Spot

Wall Street, with its charming, narrow layout, provides a more intimate parade viewing experience. The smaller scale of this street gives it a cozy feel, perfect for those looking to enjoy the parade in a less crowded setting. The unique shops and cafes along Wall Street also offer a chance to warm up and explore local Asheville flavors and crafts.

5. French Broad Avenue: A Different Perspective

For a different take on the parade, French Broad Avenue offers a less congested option with great views. This area is ideal for those looking to capture photographs or videos of the parade, as the lower crowd density allows for clearer views and easier maneuvering.

Celebrate the Season in Asheville Style

Downtown Asheville’s holiday parade is a vibrant celebration of the community’s spirit and the joy of the season. From the exceptional vantage point of The Observatory to the bustling energy of Pack Square Park and the quaint charm of Wall Street, each spot offers a unique way to experience this festive event. Make your way to downtown Asheville on November 18th to be part of a holiday tradition that’s as warm and welcoming as the city itself.