The Best Rooftop Bars for Parties

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Asheville’s Sky-High Celebrations: The Best Rooftop Bars for Parties with The Observatory Leading the Charge 

In the heart of Asheville, where the Blue Ridge Mountains cradle the skyline, the city’s rooftop bars are not merely places to drink. They are sky-bound sanctuaries where celebrations reach new heights, and the panoramic vistas are as intoxicating as the cocktails. Among these elevated escapes, The Observatory at the Restoration emerges as the pinnacle of party venues. Here’s an inside look at why The Observatory and its fellow rooftop contemporaries are Asheville’s top choices for a festive gathering with an unforgettable backdrop. 


The Observatory – Elevation with Elegance 

At the summit of Asheville’s social scene, The Observatory at the Restoration stands tall. This rooftop bar encapsulates luxury and leisure, a harmonious blend that’s made it the most sought-after venue for parties looking to make a statement. 

Ambiance: The Observatory is an epitome of sophistication, boasting unrivaled 360-degree views of the city and surrounding mountains. As dusk falls, the setting sun dapples the horizon with hues of amber and mauve, while the city lights begin their twinkling dance, setting a magical stage for any event. 

Capacity: Designed to accommodate large groups, The Observatory offers spacious yet intimate seating arrangements. The plush, contemporary furnishings are thoughtfully positioned to allow for both private conversations and communal festivities. d

Drink Menu: A libation list at The Observatory is a toast to mixology mastery, featuring local craft beers, an extensive wine selection, and artisanal cocktails that use fresh ingredients and premium spirits. Each drink is a tribute to the art of bartending and the spirit of Asheville. 

Private Events: With impeccable service and a customizable event package, The Observatory is equipped to host an array of events, from corporate gatherings to milestone birthday bashes. The detail-oriented staff works tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your party is as flawless as the setting. 


SkyBar – A View from Above 

Nestled atop the historic Flatiron Building, SkyBar is a window to Asheville’s past and present. The bar’s art deco design, paired with modern amenities, creates a unique venue that’s rich in character. 

Ambiance: With its quaint balconies and Art Deco flair, SkyBar feels like a scene from a classic movie. The panoramic views provide a dramatic backdrop that mesmerizes guests and lends an air of old-world romance to any party. 

Capacity: Ideal for small to medium-sized gatherings, SkyBar’s intimate balconies offer a sense of exclusivity that’s hard to replicate. It’s a place where parties can enjoy the vibrancy of Asheville from an eagle’s eye perspective. 

Drink Menu: The focus here is on the experience of sipping classics that have withstood the test of time. SkyBar’s cocktail menu is a curated selection of timeless favorites with a local twist, celebrating both the history and culture of Asheville. 

Private Events: While intimate in size, SkyBar’s event planning is expansive in scope. The team excels at crafting personalized experiences, whether it’s a cocktail hour or a celebratory soirée. 


Capella on 9 – A Tapestry of Tastes and Tones 

Perched atop the AC Hotel, Capella on 9 marries the charm of Asheville with the chic atmosphere of a cosmopolitan lounge. The rooftop space invites guests to revel in an ambiance that’s both stylish and serene. 

Ambiance: Capella on 9 offers a sleek, modern setting that contrasts beautifully with the rugged mountain skyline. It’s a canvas that captures the essence of urban design against nature’s masterpiece. 

Capacity: The expansive terrace and indoor lounge areas are adept at hosting large parties without sacrificing the intimacy that turns a gathering into a memorable affair. 

Drink Menu: With a beverage program that emphasizes local ingredients, Capella on 9 serves up creative concoctions alongside an impressive array of wines and beers. The bar’s signature cocktails are both an exploration of flavors and an homage to the region. 

Private Events: The versatility of Capella on 9 makes it an ideal choice for custom events. From networking mixers to birthday extravaganzas, the space transforms according to your vision, backed by a team dedicated to bringing it to life. 


The Montford Rooftop Bar – Urban Elegance 

The Montford stands out with its sleek and simple elegance, offering a refined urban atmosphere that’s just a stone’s throw from downtown Asheville’s buzz. 

Ambiance: The understated design of The Montford allows the natural beauty of its rooftop views to take center stage. With the mountains serving as a majestic backdrop, the bar’s ambiance is one of laid-back luxury. 

Capacity: It’s the ideal locale for mid-sized parties that crave a modern vibe with the charm of Southern hospitality. The space is well-conceived, offering both openness and intimate nooks.