Elevating Events in Asheville’s Skyline

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The Observatory and The Solarium: Elevating Events in Asheville’s Skyline at The Restoration Hotel 

Asheville, a city celebrated for its artistic flair and historical depth, is home to The Restoration Hotel, a landmark that beautifully marries the past with the present. Within this iconic hotel are two extraordinary event spaces: The Observatory Rooftop Bar and The Solarium Event Space. Each offers a unique ambiance, setting them apart as some of Asheville’s most sought-after venues for events that range from the intimate to the grandiose. 

The Observatory Rooftop Bar: Intimate Celebrations with a Panoramic View

Nestled at the hotel’s zenith, The Observatory Rooftop Bar is a 1,000 square-foot outdoor haven. It’s where the urban vibrancy of downtown Asheville meets the tranquil beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

 A Venue Above the Rest

– Spectacular Cityscape and Mountain Views: The Observatory boasts an unparalleled 360-degree view, offering a stunning backdrop for any event. 

– Ideal for Boutique Gatherings: With a capacity of up to 50 guests, this space is perfect for those seeking a more personal and exclusive celebration. 

The Solarium Event Space: Grandeur in the Heart of Downtown

The Solarium offers an impressive 2,986 square feet of adaptable indoor space. This venue is a canvas for imagination, allowing for a multitude of event styles and sizes. 

An Ambiance of Sophistication and Flexibility

– Versatile and Spacious: The Solarium can comfortably host up to 175 guests, making it ideal for large-scale events such as weddings, conferences, and gala dinners. 

– Contemporary Elegance: The venue’s modern aesthetic, coupled with its state-of-the-art facilities, ensures that each event is not only beautiful but also runs smoothly. 

Why The Observatory and The Solarium are Asheville’s Premier Event Spaces

– Unique Settings: Both venues offer distinctive settings that are incomparable in Asheville, providing both urban charm and panoramic views. 

– Customizable Experiences: The Restoration Hotel prides itself on offering tailored event experiences, ensuring that each gathering is as unique as the host’s vision. 

– All-Encompassing Service: The hotel’s experienced event team is dedicated to exceptional service, from planning to execution, guaranteeing a memorable event. 

The Restoration Hotel: A Hub of Asheville’s Social Scene:

– Historic Charm: The hotel itself is a piece of Asheville’s history, providing a rich, culturally immersive experience for guests. 

– Culinary Excellence: The Restoration’s culinary team can craft bespoke menus for events, ranging from elegant hors d’oeuvres to sumptuous banquets. 

– Accommodation Options: For guests or event attendees, the hotel offers luxurious accommodation options, making it a convenient and all-inclusive venue. 

 Tailoring Your Event to Perfection

The team at The Restoration Hotel understands that the devil is in the details. Every aspect of an event, from the layout of The Solarium to the ambiance of The Observatory, is meticulously planned and executed to align with the host’s specific requirements. 

The Observatory Rooftop Bar and The Solarium Event Space at The Restoration Hotel represent the pinnacle of Asheville’s event venues. They provide not just spaces but experiences that are etched in memory long after the events have concluded. Whether you are looking to host an intimate gathering with breathtaking views or a grand indoor celebration, these venues offer the perfect setting in the heart of Asheville. 

Planning Your Next Event

– Discover the Venues: Visit The Restoration Hotel to get a firsthand look at The Observatory and The Solarium. 

– Bespoke Event Planning: Engage with the hotel’s expert event planning team to customize your event to the smallest detail. 

– Booking and Further Information: Contact The Restoration Hotel for more details and to reserve one of these exquisite venues for your next event.