Downtown Asheville Bars

Discover Downtown Asheville Bars Elevate your evening at The Observatory Rooftop Lounge and Bar, a premier destination among downtown Asheville bars. Situated atop The Restoration Hotel Asheville, this stylish rooftop bar offers more than just a drink; it provides an experience. With its panoramic views of the city skyline and the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, […]

Food Downtown Asheville

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Food in Downtown Asheville at The Observatory The Observatory Rooftop Bar and Lounge, located atop The Restoration Hotel, is a prime spot for experiencing the best food in downtown Asheville. This rooftop bar and lounge serves up delicious small bites that capture the essence of the local cuisine. With breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge […]

River Arts District Restaurants

Discover The Observatory: A Hidden Gem Among River Arts District Restaurants Perched atop The Restoration Hotel Asheville, The Observatory is not just a rooftop cocktail lounge; it’s a standout destination among River Arts District restaurants. Offering sweeping views of the vibrant River Arts District, this rooftop bar combines the allure of artisan cocktails with the […]

Downtown Asheville Restaurants

Discover the Best Downtown Asheville Restaurants When exploring Asheville, North Carolina, finding the best downtown Asheville restaurants is essential to truly enjoy the city’s vibrant culinary scene. If you’re in search of a place that combines great views with exceptional drinks, The Observatory at The Restoration Hotel is the perfect choice. Recognized by AFAR as […]

Cocktail Lounge in Asheville

The Observatory Cocktail Lounge in Asheville Asheville, NC, is a city that’s as known for its breathtaking mountain views as it is for its vibrant culinary and bar scene. Among the standout spots for enjoying a drink with a view is The Observatory, a premier cocktail lounge in Asheville located on the 6th floor of […]

Best Bar in Asheville

The Observatory: The Best Bar in Asheville Asheville, known for its vibrant arts scene and stunning natural landscapes, is also home to an array of bars offering unique experiences. Among these, The Observatory stands out as a pinnacle of nightlife and relaxation, combining exquisite drinks, breathtaking views, and lush greenery in a singular rooftop setting. […]

Best Restaurants in Asheville, NC

The Observatory: One of The Best Restaurants in Asheville, NC Asheville, known for its vibrant culinary scene, is home to many dining establishments that cater to every taste and occasion. However, for those seeking the best restaurants in Asheville, NC, The Observatory stands out as a premier destination. This rooftop lounge combines great food, innovative […]

Cocktail Bar in Asheville

Sipping Sky High: Discovering the Ultimate Cocktail Bar in Asheville Amidst the stunning backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, The Observatory stands as a beacon for those seeking the ultimate cocktail bar in Asheville. This rooftop bar and lounge embodies the spirit of Asheville’s vibrant culture, offering a unique blend of breathtaking views, local flavors, […]

Places to Eat in Downtown Asheville

Places to Eat in Downtown Asheville: The Observatory Looking for exceptional places to eat in downtown Asheville? Look no further than The Observatory, an iconic rooftop bar and restaurant that promises not just a meal, but an unforgettable culinary journey. Situated amidst the vibrant streets of downtown Asheville, The Observatory offers panoramic views and a […]

Best Restaurants Downtown Asheville

The Observatory: A Rooftop Favorite Among the Best Restaurants in Downtown Asheville The Observatory stands out as one of the best restaurants in downtown Asheville for dining and drinks, offering an experience that’s hard to beat. This rooftop restaurant in Asheville is all about combining great tastes with stunning views, making it a favorite for […]